Webinar Presentations and Highlights

Qlicksmart’s webinar series was inspired by questions received from distribution partners during the launch of the Digital Platform, and the challenges that distributors have been facing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These webinar presentations were kindly put together by the Qlicksmart team and our distribution partners from around the world. Their experience and expertise allows them to provide practical information that others can learn from and apply to their own sales and marketing activities.

For 20 years now, Qlicksmart safety devices continue to prevent injuries for sharps users and healthcare workers. The single-handed scalpel blade removers such as the BladeFLASK, BladeCASSETTE, and BladeNeedleSYSTEM provide a passive removal technique to scalpel users in sterile and non-sterile environments. Products such as the SnapIT ampoule opener and CheckCLIP medication identification clip reduce the risks and anxieties surrounding ampoule cuts and medication error. As a medical R&D company, Qlicksmart continues to develop innovative ways to protect sharps users and healthcare workers.

The Digital Platform benefits Qlicksmart products’ safety offerings by streamlining the sales and implementation process. It provides healthcare workers with the tools they need to learn: the risks of sharps safety, the benefits of sharps safety, how to implement safety measures, how to use safety devices, and how to assess sharps safety engagement.


Introducing the Digital Platform to Your Customers (Qlicksmart)

Mairin Monteath is the Senior Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Qlicksmart in Australia. Her presentation in Qlicksmart’s webinar series focuses on how distribution partners can use the Digital Platform to shorten customer conversion time, efficiently implement devices, and increase product usage. With anecdotes and sharable guides, Mairin illustrates the direct benefits that the Digital Platform offers sales staff. These benefits include scalable customer support, guided implementation processes, and remote in-servicing. To demonstrate how the Digital Platform supports sales staff, Mairin takes the time to discuss the Digital Platform’s individual tools and their functions.

[September 2020]

A Clinician’s Perspective on Qlicksmart’s Digital Platform (Qlicksmart)

Dr Michael Sinnott MBBS, FACEM, FRACP is the Co-Founder of Qlicksmart in Australia. His presentation adopts a clinician’s perspective on the Digital Platform. With his first-hand experience as an Emergency Physician, Michael debunks the receptions and responses that sales staff are met with by clinicians and healthcare workers. Michael uses the common obstacles to implementing safety in a healthcare facility to suggest solutions and responses that sales staff can use so they can illustrate the value that the Digital Platform offers clinicians and hospital management staff.

[November 2020]

Introducing Safety Devices to a New Customer – Product Adoption Cycle (Corr Healthcare)

Frank Corr from Corr Healthcare is the distributor of Qlicksmart safety devices in Ireland. As part of Qlicksmart’s webinar about the Digital Platform, Frank shares his expertise about introducing the need for medical safety to new facilities and customers. With over ten years of success selling Qlicksmart safety products, Frank’s experience in the field of medical safety offers a knowledgeable and insightful perspective. With reference to the hierarchy of controls, Frank discusses the process of introducing safety products to customers and facilities (product adoption cycle), and how he supports their need for safety with evidence, clinical data, and safety demonstrations.

[September 2020]

Adapting The Sales Process For Remote Customer Service (Myco Medical)

Karen Decker and Winfield Hansen represent one of Qlicksmart’s distribution partners in the USA, Myco Medical. Between them, they have more than three decades of experience in the industry. In their presentation, Karen and Win describe the ways in which they have maintained customer engagement and product uptake through digital means. Through rapid development of their digital resources and using Qlicksmart’s Digital Platform, Myco has been able put their “best foot forward” while working under restrictions. Remote customer support, pragmatic follow-up processes, and comprehensive sample packs are just a few examples.

[September 2020]

Introducing The Need for Safety to New Customers (Medical Products Panama Corp)

Maria Bustamante is a developer of new projects at Medical Products Panama (MEDPRO). Continuing with MEDPRO’s company focus on safety and prevention in healthcare, Maria shares her expertise on introducing safety products to customers, both current and new. Maria emphasises the relationship between sales staff and clinicians, discussing how sales staff must establish the need for safety among clinicians with data and statistics. She goes on to highlight that the Digital Platform can support each step of this persuasive process, positioning Qlicksmart safety products as the solution to clinicians’ needs. (Spoken in Spanish, English subtitles available via YouTube).

[September 2020]

COVID-19 Response Plan (LM Instruments)

Maria Castillo and Cristian Vanegas from LM Instruments in Colombia kindly created a video describing their company’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their video explains how they considered the resources and products they had available to adapt to a rapidly changing market. Through online activities and digital communication channels, Maria and Cristian maintained a presence with their customers and industry with relevant products, engaging content, and educational information. Activities such as these are becoming increasingly relevant as hospitals adjust their processes and precautions.

[September 2020]

New Norm Under COVID-19 (United Italian Corp HK)

Allen Sun represents United Italian Corp (UIC) in Hong Kong where he has held his management position for over 12 years. In his presentation, Allen describes how COVID-19 has affected the company’s market and customers. Changed conditions in hospitals have made it difficult to carry out normal sales and communication activities. Allen discusses the mainstream digital communication channels that UIC adopted to maintain contact and support with their customers. Their popularity makes the communication channels familiar and easy for customers to use. Allen goes on to highlight that resources from the Digital Platform can be shared through these channels for efficient and consistent information delivery.

[September 2020]

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The webinars had ‘Q&A’ time where audience members had the opportunity to ask the webinar presenters more detailed questions. Below are video compilations of the answers provided by panellists with relevant expertise.

Pt 1 – Q&A Qlicksmart Webinar Series

Answered Questions:

[0:08] What is the biggest challenge you face when selling Qlicksmart products, and how do you overcome it?

[5:41] How are you managing the changes to customer service you’ve had to make due to COVID?

Pt 2 – Q&A Qlicksmart Webinar Series

Answered Questions:

[0:08] How do you use WhatsApp to make connections with current and potential customers?

[1:27] What is one activity that has worked well to bring in new customers?

[7:00] What messages are effective to convert new customers to Qlicksmart?

Pt 3 – Q&A Qlicksmart Webinar Series

Answered Questions:

[0:08] How can you build trust with customers within the current environment?

[1:57] How can you use the Digital Platform tools while maintaining focus on Qlicksmart safety devices?

[4:08] What does the hierarchy of controls say about Engineering Controls?

[4:57] Why did you choose to start distributing Qlicksmart safety devices?