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Distributor Brainstorming Session for COVID-19 Strategies (Mexico, and Central and South America)

Last week Qlicksmart hosted our second ever distributor brainstorming session! We were joined by distributors from Mexico, and Central and South America for another 90 minute Zoom call. Together, we discussed the evolving situation in healthcare and distribution, and brainstormed strategies that can be used now and in the future.   Challenges to distribution For […]

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Distributor Brainstorming Session for COVID-19 Strategies (Europe and South Africa)

Qlicksmart hosted our first ever distributor brainstorming session in April. Distributors from Europe and South Africa joined us via Zoom for 90 minutes to discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on distribution and brainstorm ideas for the near future. Here’s what we learned together. Challenges to Distribution In many countries, stay-at-home orders and restrictions […]

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6 things we learned from conducting a sales workshop

Earlier in July, Qlicksmart had the privilege to conduct a sales workshop with Relate Co. (Japanese distributor)’s sales team and dealers in Japan. This workshop session was the first test of a newly designed program, based on feedback from distributors, customers, and market research. We wanted to share some of the insights that we learned […]

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Happy Holidays from Qlicksmart

Happy Holidays from Qlicksmart’s Managing Director

2018 has been a year of great change at Qlicksmart, with the appointment of one new staff member, Huong, into our R&D and Quality team; the increased confidence and expertise of our marketing team, Josef and Mairin; the continued solidity of the company backbone, Choon, Aika and Sarah; the secretive work by our recent STEM […]

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