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Find the information, materials and sales training you may need.

Product Marketing Materials

Find marketing materials for Qlicksmart products available for download and distributor use here. Includes high resolution images, brochures, videos, and updated customer FAQ's.

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Regulatory Information

Regulatory information applicable to Qlicksmart products, specified for the US, EU/UK, Australia/NewZealand. Qlicksmart's quality management certificates available.

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Consumer Education

Information and resources collected and produced by Qlicksmart and Smartstream aiming to educate consumers in staff and patient safety needs and regulations.

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Sales and Training Modules

Designed by sales professionals, the Qlicksmart sales training modules equip you with the skills and techniques to sell Qlicksmart’s products with confidence.

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Purchasing Information

Click for International and Australian shipping details and packaging information applicable to Qlicksmart products. Ordering assistance and FAQs are also available.

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Trade Show Support

Find out where Qlicksmart products are showing around the world, and what support we can provide to assist in promoting Qlicksmart products at future trade show.

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The latest news on Qlicksmart. Updated monthly.

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Find the right team member to help with your enquiry. 

For Business Enquiries (USA, Europe, Asia)
For Business Enquiries (USA, Europe, Asia)
Dr Michael Sinnott-ms@qlicksmart.com
For Purchasing Enquiries- Australia
For Purchasing Enquiries- Australia
Sarah Liu- sarah@qlicksmart.com
For Business Enquiries (Australia, Africa, UK)
For Business Enquiries (Australia, Africa, UK)
Mel Reynolds- mel@qlicksmart.com
For Purchase Orders- Outside Australia
For Purchase Orders- Outside Australia
Aika Alexandrou- aika@qlicksmart.com
For Regulatory Enquiries
For Regulatory Enquiries
Huong Nguyen- huong@qlicksmart.com
For Marketing Enquiries
For Marketing Enquiries
Mairin Monteath- Mairin@qlicksmart.com