Happy Holidays from Qlicksmart

Happy Holidays from Qlicksmart’s Managing Director

2018 has been a year of great change at Qlicksmart, with the appointment of one new staff member, Huong, into our R&D and Quality team; the increased confidence and expertise of our marketing team, Josef and Mairin; the continued solidity of the company backbone, Choon, Aika and Sarah; the secretive work by our recent STEM graduate, Amdo; the almost seamless transition of our new General Manager, Chamindika; the exciting work by our R&D team, Dr Neville and Rob; and the exemplary performance of our Business Development consultants, Mel (Australia) and Allan (USA).

For the highlights! This year we:

  • Launched the Smartstream website. The Smartstream’s updated Distributor Portal is a place for our distributors to find marketing materials, sales tips for Qlicksmart products, regulatory information, and sharps safety resources.
  • Renovated our office in West End (Queensland), while the team became closer as they worked side-by-side on one big table.
Picture of qlicksmart office
The Qlicksmart office mid-renovation.
  • Introduced new countries, including Nigeria and Panama, to the Qlicksmart products with the help of our distributors worldwide (this one’s for all of you too!).
  • Received our accreditation for ISO 13485:2016. Our Quality Assurance team have continued to monitor our manufacturing processes and Quality Management System to make sure that we uphold the very highest standards.
  • Gave out hundreds of koalas. Our conference booths proved to be popular with the attendees at AORN, ACORN, AST and Nurse Educators Conference running to receive their mini koala clips and join in on our #embracesafety photo competition.
picture of customers at the Qlicksmart booth AORN
Our #embracesafety winner from AORN in New Orleans.

Our staff are also benefiting from special communication training with Kathy McKenzie from FireUp coaching. We’re learning how to better understand our customers and partners so that we can achieve growth together. Hand in hand with our investment in staff development, we are implementing new software to prepare us for the forecast growth next year.

2019 will see a strengthened focus on the lobbying front, and more resources for our work with our Distributors to both learn from them and to assist them with the growth of all our product lines in their local markets. We will also be updating our website to help customers reach our products and distributors quickly, and are adding exciting new innovations into our R&D pipeline.

A couple of other developments are being kept secret for now, but more details will be released early next year.

So, on behalf of the Qlicksmart and Smartstream teams I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a healthy and prosperous 2019. I hope you all get some rest because 2019 is going to be a busy and exciting year for all of us.

Warm regards,

Dr Michael

Happy Holidays from Qlicksmart’s Managing Director